Didsbury Barbers Hairdressers on Didsbury Rd in Heaton Mersey. Open six days a week. Terrific offers on Saturdays and Sundays with Mark

Didsbury Barber and Didsbury Hairdresser Mark Stapleton. Based in Didsbury village I work part time @ Kico’s Hair and Beauty Studio. 470, Didsbury Rd. Heaton Mersey. Easy FREE parking.

Now in Kico’s Hair Studio on Saturdays 9am – 4pm and Sundays 10am – 4pm

For the full backwash cleansing and re-conditioning treatment with precise haircutting book an appointment with me @ Kico’s.

Shop 0161 443 1169 / Mark 07519 943579

Precise haircutting/texturing. Click below

Try texturing for a special haircut. No pay guarantee of complete satisfaction, every time, for every client. 07519 943579 / 0161 443 1169 to book

Ladies Haircutting. Long and Short Hair

Ladies dry/damp haircutting and finishing from just £22.50 in-shop. Cleansing, treating and styling of your hair in shop from just £27.50

Mens Barbering Service. Just £9 usually.

Gents Barber Service on Saturdays from 10am – 4pm and Sundays from 10am – 4pm with Mark. Formerly Cutting Edge Barbers.

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Mark is available on Sundays in-shop for walk-ins and appointments 10am – 4p and Saturdays in-shop 10am – 5pm. Call 0161 443 1169 to book or 07519 943579 for Mark

I offer a no-pay guarantee of satisfaction with every haircut, every time. Call Mark on 07519 943579 for really precise haircutting.

Beauty Salon with most treatments available. Head, body, feet. Massage. Aromatherapy. Much More. Request a brochure…..Call Mark 07519 943579 or Anna and Gail at the Shop. 0161 443 1169

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