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Mark Stapleton. A Brilliant Ladies and Gent's Haircutting Specialist. Likely Your Best Haircut Ever. Call Me Now.

Call Mark 07519 943579

Haircutting Master. Wedding Photographer. Web Design Wizard. Gemini! Hire Me! ;oP

Call Mark 07519 943579

Based in Cutting Edge Barbers, 482 Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey. SK43BS

Call Mark 07519 943579

Probably Manchesters Most Precise Haircutter...Try Me! ;oP

This Didsbury Barbers and Didsbury Hairdressers for Ladies is on Didsbury Rd. Heaton Mersey. SK4 3BS / Barbershop open 7 days, ladies salon open 5 days. Call in or call us on 07519 943579

Haircutting Flippin’ Genius and Wedding Photographer too! : o )

Web Design @

07519 943579 / 0161 432 3898 /

Mark offers a no-pay guarantee of complete satisfaction. If you are not happy with your haircut, and you will be, you pay nothing, now’t, not a penny. Do you know any other hairdresser who offers you this?

Ladies and Gents Haircutting Prices. Discounts for under sixteens.....

Ladies dry/damp haircutting and finish from just £22.50

Ladies cleansing, conditioning, cutting and finish from just £27.50 to £37.50 for longer hair or re-styles.

Gentlemans Haircutting from just £10 usually....

Why I offer offer a no-pay guarantee of satisfaction to all clients, always.


I offer this guarantee to all clients, on every visit, simply because I will cut your hair brilliantly and you will be happy to pay me. If any hairstylist cannot offer this same assurance, defect to me for likely your best haircut ever. And my prices will save you good money next to Didsbury and Heatons Salons. Posh we are not, nor have we yet decorated properly, because we are very busy and your hair is the really important part. Call Mark on 07519 943579 to get your hair sorted properly, finally……


Attractive Ladies wanted for FREE re-styles and professional hair photography....20 FREE images for you....


Mark is a professional wedding photographer which compliments hairstyling perfectly as both disciplines require the eye of an eagle. I’m now starting to produce long hair re-styles for my hair photography collection and I need attractive ladies for some pretty amazing and FREE haircuts, ideally longer to shorter or long and gently layered. Must be prepared to lose several inches of hair and try something really quite different. Your haircut will be easy to deal with and I will not go too creative without your consent. Bring a friend or partner and both get FREE haircuts and some pretty fabulous FREE photography. Call me or call in…..


Professional Wedding Photography by Mark and very affordable.....


My other career/love is wedding photography and if you are at all interested  

And I’m a total web-head as I’m a Web Design Wizard @

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